Affair with student mother

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Affair with student mother

Rou Rou is from china. she is graduate who is now accompanying her /son/">son studying in singapore, aka study-mama.

Rou rou works part time in a massage parlour. i know her for several months already and we are getting to know each other better.

She is liberal and is most willing to offer extra services like sexual massage. she is most skilful and experienced about xxx it.

She would stoken the inner thigh and the balls, putting me in sexual excitement.

One day, i asked to do massage at my office and she obliged. i had planned to try my luck to hv sex with her. after an hour, she commenced on her sexual massage. i responded by stroking her back and down her spine area and finally my hand reached her buttocks.

I undressed her and motion her to lie on the bed. she was hesitant but somehow she didnt object. i started my "attack" on her nipples and breasts. she enjoyed the sucking and licking and becme aroused.

I finger fuck her /wet/wet-vagina/">wet vagina until she was on fire, yearning to be fucked. i mounted my cock inside and discovered that she still has a /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole despite giving births to 2 sons.

I rock my way deeper and she was obviously enjoying the sexual experience.

I tried several positions and in all positions, she remained very committed to sex with me.

I licked her breasts more to get her totally excited about sex.

After 25 mins, i epxloded my sperm inside her vagina. this was done without asking her in advance. porn videos download she didnt object or protest.

I was in heaven to have sex/affair with rou rou.