Chance Meeting Part 2

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Chance Meeting Part 2

I try to scream, to say SOMETHING, but the hand around my mouth had me completely silent. This violation is the WORST kind of violation, getting fucked free porn movies download and not wanting it. But, despite the fact that I hate what's being done to me, that I am PISSED at the liberties being taken, I feel my pussy getting hotter, responding to the /fucking/hard-fucking/">hard fucking I am getting. ”Fuck it” I say to myself, ”I might as well enjoy it, I can't stop it”” and right about that time it hits!! My whole BODY explodes as I cum around this cock that I don't know or want. The stranger feels it and stops” I bet he's amazed to think I could get off at a time like this but he starts to /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder thinking, ”Obviously this is what she wants!” From behind me, he grabs my hair, pulls me back hard and fucks me till I cum again when he gives in and lets it go. As he pulls out, I slump over exhausted. Then he's gone. I will never know who he was. I pull my clothes back on and go on about my business, ignoring the fact that I should go to the police and report his ass. I tell no one and forget as much as I am able.

That night, getting ready to go to the club, I intentionally dress sexier than normal. Well fuck, with what happened today, I better look damn good! When Jess and I get there, I see you, you”re there, as always, alone and sitting off by yourself, away from everyone else. You notice that we”ve come in catch my eye and glance away like you can't believe you got caught. I danced my ass off” giving you sneak shots of my ass (in the sexy black thongs I picked JUST FOR YOU). I felt like a slut that night” well, hell, I”d gotten treated like one! Told Jess I had to go to the bathroom and stuck my tongue out at you, knowing you”d HAVE to follow for that” but you didn't. Disappointed, I went to the bathroom, did my thing, and left. About 30 minutes later, pissed that you didn't follow, I told Jess I wanted to go. She said that was fine since SHE found someone she wanted to go home with. ”Slut!” I thought to myself, and went on out to my car. At the front door, I leaned against the wall outside. It was nice out and after dancing all night, it felt really good. You grab my hand, pull me out behind the bar and say, ”Look, I am so tired of the teasing bullshit, you either need to finish this or stop and soon.”

”Fuck you, ok. I tried to finish this half a damned hour ago and you ignored me, I don't even know your fucking name, so BACK OFF!!”

”I”ve had it, this is done, now!” and you pull me to your car, get in, pull me over you to the passenger side, and go.

We pull into what is evidently your place and you half carry me upstairs running your fingers up and down my arms the whole way. But damn me, as long as I have wanted you, I can't ignore how good it feels and I start getting wet, so wet that if I hadn't been wearing my thongs, you would feel it on my legs. We get to your bedroom and it seems as though we are competing for who can be more demanding. You throw me onto the bed, flip me onto my stomach and slam your cock deep into my pussy and start fucking me” hard. I begin to cum all over your cock when I hear you mumble, ”What, was today not enough for you, /bitch/">bitch?” And it hits me” FUCK, you were the guy from earlier, that's why you feel so familiar. I stiffen and you know I know. You slowly pull out and sit down on the bed next to me, where I am trying to make sense of the whole thing. ”Look,” you say ”I am really sorry about today.. I saw you leave the store and you looked just as hot as you always do in the club”” But I don't want to hear it. I still can't believe I let myself enjoy that shit today and I am PISSED at you for doing it, so I throw my clothes on (thank God for slutty clothes) and full hd xvideo download run from your apartment. And I never go back to our club again”