My First Time with my uncles wife

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My First Time with my uncles wife

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I remember my with my uncle's wife. I was 18 and recently arrived from Ghana. Dad is a retired white army colonel while mom is a black Somali laundry woman. Since Dad family didn't want me I have to live with my uncle Sean. His wife Jane is only 30 years old while uncle Sean is 45. She appears to be an ideal housewife but very few know that she is like a wild teen ager on her free times. Uncle Sean is very rich workaholic . Jane works part time as an accountant and devote the rest of her day playing tenis, golf, and going out with friends at night while her 3 years old is cared by her hired nanny.

Jane is a kind woman. She is stunningly beautiful blonde lady with perfect body and . All of the family have regarded them highly. One time Jane called saying she won't be home till morning. I told uncle Sean when he arrived. We had a brief talk and he mentioned that he suspect Jane is having affairs behind his back but he is too busy to get mad or to quarrel so he just let it be.

One night Jane knocked on my room. She had some cravings for some marijuana. That was a shocker as she doesn't look like one who use drugs. She said she is not addicted and she is not a regular user but she just have some cravings. Since her friends could not supply her she wants to buy some in a dangerous street downtown. We then drove in her car. It was around midnight. It was summer but she was wearing a Jacket and blue jeans. We slowed down at a corner and she gestured two black boys from the corner to approach her window. We probably looked like cop decoy and they were hesitant to come forward. I offered to get down but Jane said it's too dangerous at night. Her friend was attacked in that street. She kept on calling and the two boys approached. "What do you want". Jane replied plainly,"just one stick of marijuana". The boys denied they are selling any. Jane kept on insisting but the boys were suspicious. "How do I know you are not the police?" Jane was so consumed with her cravings. She is a spoiled girl. Then a shocker to me. Jane got out of the car. "You can check me I'm not a cop' she told them. The boys then told her to take off her jacket. Jane replied that she was not wearing shirt just her bra underneath. The boys started to turn and Jane agreed and took off her jacket. She was so standing in the night wearing only her bra and jeans while the two boys were checking on her jacket. The boys took her money and ordered her to get back to the car. She was waiting in the driver seat wearing only her bra as one boy went out of sight. When he came back he was holding what look like a cigarete. "Sorry ma'am but I won't give you back your jacket" the boy then reached inside and touched Janes left breast. Jane did not complain and he was squeezing them. Then he attempted to insert his hands inside Janes bra. Jane stopped him and asked for the stick he was holding in the other hand. The boy gave him the stick and he hurriedly insert his hands inside Jane's bra and felt her nipples as Jane was trying to start the car. We speeded up and the boy actually run a few steps to continue squeezing Janes tits for a while till we accelerated and Jane rolled up the window. Jane was so sexy driving in her bra and jeans. When we got home I went to my room and wank off several times.

Life was back to normal as I was waiting for my school papers and Jane was working and going out with friends. Then the next weekend Jane needed me for company in a long 2 and a half hour drive to attend a wedding of her friends in a big mansion in Fresno. Uncle Sean has a one day off and wants to sleep through the week end. We dropped Jane's dautghter and her nanny to her mom's and then we went out the road. During the long drive we've been talking a lot and I found out that her circle of friends are divorced or single and most of them are goers and sexually promiscious thought they are in their early 30's or late 20's. Jane came from a rich family and was almost a Miss USA runner up and she resented her being married early and by a doctor friend of her father.

We checked in at a motel with 2 beds. She changed her clothes and I started to go out but she said it's ok I can turn around or I can watch her if I like. I couldn't say anything with my mouth dropped in awe as I watched her take off her clothes and put on her nice gown. She had the most gorgeous body and preties face I've ever seen in magazines or movies, she is unbeatable. "You wanted to see me undress huh, that's what all boys want" she said and further explaining that she is used to changing her clothes with men looking on when they go out camping with her friends.

During the wedding she was dancing with her friends and flirting with men. I was a bit jealous watching in the sideline. She was a teaser too and she had aroused some of the men she talked too. She talked about her always busy doctor husband who has no time for sex and all.

After the wedding we headed to the motel. Another car was following. The guy wasn't flirting real forced anal against her will or dancing with her but it now appears to me that it was her secret lover. When we got in the room the man in his late 30's was uncomfortable looking at me. "How come he is black when your husband is white" thinking I couldn't understand english.'Her mother is somali' replied Jane. "John, Henry will spend the night with us here, she is a of mine".

I went to shower and brash my teeth. I didn't bring any clothes so I stripped to my boxer shorts and went to bed as Jane and Henry were sitting by the table and watching movie. I pretended to close my eyes but I was listening and taking a glimpse at them. They took turns taking showers and when they were both done they were wrapped in white towels. Then probably thinking I was asleep they started kissing and they both dropped their towels as they went to bed. Jane was underneath and Henry was kissing her and then sucking her breast and nipple. I was looking fantasizing it was me over Jane. By this time I was staring at them and they knew I was awake but they kept on, Henry was sucking Janes nipple as if he was a mad dog. Then they changed position and Jane was sitting in bed and started sucking Henry's cock. That was so unbelievable. Jane the image of a very beautiful and classy housewife actually knows how to suck a cock. I was jerking off openly and I shoot a squirts of sperm in the air while Jane was shoving Henry's cock inwards and outward her mouth. Then Henry shouted for Jane to stop as he don't want to cum. They hurriedly reverse position again and Henry was on top of Jane inserting her cock into her and shoving it pumping her so hard I can see the muscles in her neck and her side while Jane was vibrating and moaning. They were talking in mumbles I could hardly understand but it seems they want to cum at the same time. Then they did reached orgasm together as they tightened their body and they shoke so hard I could feel it in my bed. Then Henry collapse beside Jane both of them sweating with a sigh of relief as all their lust were unloaded. I shoot my load again in the air for the second time and I wasn't minding them seeing me. My bed was filled with my own cum.

The morning we headed home after complimentary breakfast. Not a word was spoken about the incident as we talked about other things in the road. Uncle Sean asked me about Jane and I said I just sleep in my bed and didn't know what time she came back from seeing her friends.

I was filled with lust for Jane and when I looked at her I couldn't control my erections. Jane noticed it and she would giggle. Then a month passed and I was about to leave the next week for restarting special highschool qualifier in fall. Jane at that time was flirting with another young man. I always saw him pick up and dropped Jane at night. One night Jane was down stairs talking on the phone. She was in a flirtitious mood. I got jealous and I asked her who she was talking to. She just smiled. "Are you jealous John?" "your uncle don't even get jealous anymore and here you are" I couldn't say a word as I was looking at her wearing a nighty so thin and transparent I can see the outline of her beautiful body, her perfect thighs and the black panty underneath and her boobs and her nipples as sharp and a pencil eraser. "You like me huh, you want to do me?" I didn't say a word. "Have you ever have sex John?" I said no and I never had a , I was too shy and conscious about my being a short black thicked lip guy. My asset though is my hard musculin body courtesy of years of hardwork so that at 18 I was stronger than any fully grown fisherman in Ghana. Jane smiled and told me to go to sleep as she looked down at my huge bulge in my pants. As she went upstairs she looked at me, "John before you leave this friday I have a present for you".

On thursday night uncle Sean was scheduled to work till 2:00 AM and normally Jane would have been out with her friends. But after I was ready for bed Jane came to me. "John I'll put Vanesa to bed and then I'll prepare your gift. At around 10 go to the guest room to see your gift." I thanked her and I went inside my room to watch tv.

I was about to fall asleep but then I remember I have to get my present. I could have waited for the morning but then I decided to get it over with. When I got to the guest room the door was ajar. I opened it and there was Jane sitting in bed wearing a lingery. "What took you so long". she asked. "Where's my present" I replied. "I am your present, now close the door and take off your shirt she said as she stood up and approached me while slowly walking and dropping her clothes stripping to her panties with her body and nipples so deliciously in display for me. "I know you've been jealous of Henry and my other friends, will it make you feel better if we have sex?" I couldn't say a word. She kissed me and I immidiatedly tore my shirt and returned with flury like a perocious lion of Africa I was licking her from her face and all over her body from her neck and then staring at her breast, I was so unbelieving the object of my obsession, her two luscious breast are in my hands, I fondle them and squeez them and pinch her nipple, "you like my breast, don't you want to suck them?" I huriedly lick and sucked her nipple like hungry dog. My dick was so hard I could almost burst. But then she knelt down, "easy, save it for a while" she said as she pulled my shorts down and squeez the head of my dick to prevent me from exploding. The pain had stopped the momentum and she was there kneeling before me, I couldn't believe it. The most beautiful face on earth with a golden hair and thin cherry red lips kneeling before me and she held my dick and slowly guide it to her mouth, I was trembling in thrill of anticipation then finally I felt the warmth of her slippery mouth in an undescribable feeling as she suck and shove my cock inwards and outward from xnxxv sunny leone video her mouth. Her hands were gripping on my thighs as she was sucking my dick. I couldn't control myself and like the last vibration of an engine I trembled and shoke loudly as I unloaded my cum just right then she pulled her mouth off and my cum sprayed all over her pretty face and hair and chest. Even before I could recover from that high feeling and my body still tightening she pulled me to bed and I was on top of her. In seconds I was recharged and my cock was so hard again. I couldn't say a word. She whispered to me to insert my cock as she pulled off her panty. She guided me with her hands and as I felt the slipery pussy that I'm getting inside I was again in a state of undescribable pleasure. I pumped her so deeply and so hard that may be it hurt as I can see her face in an expression of mixture pain and pleasure. I looked at her while pumping her and she told me to hold it until she is ready to cum. I tried my best to hold and when I sense that she was vibrating and moaning I lost control and fire my explosive inside her. I wasn't sure if she cum too because I almost pass out and lost my sense a few seconds after I release my load. I regain myself lying beside her as she was breathing heavily and we were both sweating. She gently kissed me on my check as she stood up to clean herself.

The next morning Uncle Sean woke up to send me. Jane drove me to the bus station. She kissed me on the lips before we parted. Not a word was spoken. Until now I'm not sure if she enjoyed our sex or she just wanted to tease and to please me.