The Impregnator Ch 15

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The Impregnator Ch 15

Chapter 15

The two weeks at the Palace that I was present, I made the best use of my homecumming, by spending quality time in bed with unbridled ardour with my three wet and willing wives one after another or sometimes in combination. As usual, Sahana was agog what with her eyes peeled at the actions that unfolded in front of her. She might have come as many times as we did, but alone! 

She was growing restless and wanted me to get into her pants more than anything in the world but I behaved as if there was all the time in the world for that and she could not certainly force the issue.

Talking of issues, you will realize, readers, I mean my attempts at making babies in all those waiting wombs of queens in the neighbouring kingdoms was the main agenda then! And Sahana was only there to protect me. The call of duty had to be attended at King Namradas state and the time to take leave of my now happy queens came sooner than later.

I will not linger on the tearful farewell that my wives gave me, merely because I want to describe the curious events that unfolded in the journey that followed shortly thereafter. Which are more engrossing to say the least.

It was the same gold and silk chariot of mine, and my charioteer was making good speed. Sahana and I were merely holding hands seated next to each other in the carriage.

I mean I was more than holding hands, a euphemism for my otherwise naughty actions which are by now familiar to you. My left hand was actually in the silken junction of her thighs, trying to poke a hole into her loincloth with my thumb and forefinger, pressing into the wet meadow beneath it, making her highly agitated. She on her part had grasped my hot staff freed from its own silk /underwear/">underwear nestling comfortably between my thighs now, giving it a rhythmic squeeze. My right hand was over her strong shoulders and had sneaked in to the cleavage between her warm and soft breasts, stirring up her lust.

It was during these highly engaging moments that we heard the charioteer scream in pain and with a loud thud, fall off his seat on to the dusty roadside below.

The horse got excited, neighed, ran helter-skelter and Sahana was off in a flash to the vacant seat of the driver even as I peeped at the back and saw alain lyle porn the figure of my bleeding charioteer waving helplessly at us, from where he lay bleeding from an arrow stuck in his chest as the runaway chariot increased the distance between him and us.

As the chariot was brought to a reasonably steady stop by a badly shaken Sahana, I saw the villains responsible for this mishap. They were sitting on their horses and their bows and arrows were drawn, ready to strike. And they had stopped us in the middle of the muddy path and there was nothing on the sides except grass meadows and shrubs.
They were both /women/">women.

The taller one on the black horse was big and dark as the horse itself and she drew near us looking menacing to say the least and studied us with clinical indian santali xvideo eyes. She was a black African, the kind of slaves some foreign trading Kings used to bring home as trophies those days.

The other circled us from the left and was distinctly oriental with flat nose and crinkling small eyes like a Thai, but my own sword was drawn ready by then even as I noticed that they looked and dressed like assassins.

They warned us of course, speaking coarsely, to surrender ourselves lest....

I winked at Sahana and we got down from the chariot. We walked silently looking downcast, swords shoddily held loosely at our sides as if to surrender.

As soon as we reached the assassins atop their horses we two at once snatched at the leg of the rider nearest to us and toppled them over roughly down to the ground. They recovered soon, of course, but by then Sahanas long steel blade of the sword had done the damage by cutting the Africans bow into two pieces. I had pinned the Thai to the ground, but she kicked out and I fell down hard on the ground. I now kicked her legs away and engaged her in tangle, which had her fall atop me, out of balance.
She was astride me on my chest and she had her knife out and was about to stab me. But suddenly she screamed horribly and fell back and away, her eyes rolling. I saw Sahana behind her looking severe and vicious and she had dealt a near-fatal blow with a block of stone to the back of the assassins head.

The African was struggling to get up, and her only success was that she had managed to bend and twist Sahanas sword out of shape but had succeeding in little else till then.
She had gotten up sneakily behind Sahana, who was now looking at the fallen /girl/thai-girl/">thai girl, and I noticed the small dagger gleaming in the Africans hand and she was about to inflict a fatal blow to Sahana. I slid swiftly on the ground towards her in a rush, between Sahanas legs till my own /feet/">feet were in front of the Africans feet and I kicked out up viciously between her legs. It was a mean blow and what you call the below-the- belt?. I did not care about ethical fighting then, in spite of being a king. This was no carnival here. My feet connected sharply to the pubic mound of the dark African assassin knocking her couple of feet away and she bellowed on pain as she fell in a heap.

It took us a few more minutes to compose ourselves and take control of the situation. We now had two women, both disarmed assassins with us now. We managed to drag them to our chariot and tie each one to a wooden post of the carriage securely with some jute ropes. They were hurt, caught and obviously in shock at the turn of events.
?The interrogation could wait till we reached the King Namardas palace,? I thought as we went over to the still body of our charioteer lying some twenty feet behind on the roadside.
He was not lucky enough to survive and had long breathed his last while we were overpowering the women assassins. His hands held on firmly to the arrow stuck in the middle of his blood soaked chest as if he would not let go of the evidence. We thought we would send for help from the palace to bring in his body later and arrange for a decent burial. He was Palace staff, after all and had died on duty.

So Sahana took over the role of charioteer, one of her many allied skills in her line of duty and I nursed some of my wounds sitting a few feet in front, between the two shocked but silent prisoners.

Suddenly one of them spoke unsteadily, "Oh King, where are you taking us? Please kill us here and now!"

I turned to look at the African assassin who was looking at me with begging eyes.
"Why? You are now the prisoners of King Namarda as you attacked us in his territory. You have to be tried for treason and assassination attempt in his Court. 

She became highly excited then and said, "No Please! He will kill me. He will torture me, and this girl here cannot even talk,? she was gesturing with her chin to the weeping Thai girl as her hands were tied to a post.

Oh, she was dumb then, the Thai girl. She was tearful too.

I shook my head and said that King Namarda would never torture them. But, he would punish them. That was for sure.

The African cut me short again in a high-pitched voice, "No, I am not talking about the King. But the one who sent us. That villain will surely chop me to pieces for our failure."
Even Sahana looked back this time with raised eyebrows at us. This was startling news.
"Whom are you talking about? Who sent you?" I questioned her seriously now.

"The enemy King has planted this villain in King Namardas palace deliberately so that the women never conceive, in spite of your best intention and attentions.? The Africans voice sounded sincere. Surely she could not be lying now, in this condition. Then what could this mean? I was flabbergasted. The inside job theory of mine was true then!
I demanded, "Who are you and how do you know all this?"

She said her name was Hola. She was from Kenya in faraway Africa and was taken slave by the King who had invaded their kingdom some years back and had had ended up in the enemy Kings state after many a sale and resale. The Thais name was Wassana. Both had trained in martial arts and were sent out on this mission from their state. They had met their contact in King Namardas state, the villain whom she cursed profusely but was afraid to name him or her. But he or she had sent them here, knowing our route and time of journey in advance, and with instructions that I must be stopped in my insemination efforts right then.

I gestured to Sahana to stop the chariot under a nearby tree on the roadside. I sighed. The interrogation must take place now and here, if the truth was to come out. We stopped for a while and we discussed on where we could take the prisoners to, such that interrogation and revelations would go unnoticed from the enemys eyes.

Trust Sahana to come up with answers! She said she knew her Training school and guesthouse were close by in the forest somewhere and that would be safe house. She had trained for two years there before assuming the post of my Bodyguard.

I looked at the prisoners seriously. Theses honeys are in for some tough time, I thought. They had already killed one and were intending to do more.

Some torture would be necessary perhaps to make them spill their beans, I thought, as the chariot raced in the mid-day sun to where Sahana thought the safe house would be. But I would extract /sweet/">sweet revenge. Quite a few possibilities crossed my mind then.