The Exciting Adventure part1

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The Exciting Adventure part1

Kayla slammed her locker and strolled down the hall, catching the eyes of various guys along the way. She pushed her hair back. She had beautiful, lush brown hair. Kayla pushed open the school doors and slowly walked to her car. 

"Hey Kayla!" yelled her /friend/best-friend/">best friend Caroline, or Carry for short.
"Hey Carry what's up?"
"Can I come over to your house? I don't have a ride home. Besides, we can hang out for a while." She said, catching up to me.
"Yeah sure, get in." We loaded our stuff in the trunk and pulled out onto the road. 
"Are your parents home?" She asked.
"No they're out shopping till way late."
"Oh. Cool. I can stay pretty late myself if that is okay..."
"Oh sure of course you can stay."
"Thanks Kayla!"
"No problem." I pulled my Toyota into the drive and parked it. WE got out, walked in the door and dropped our stuff. 
"So you going out with anyone now?" she asked.
"No I'm looking for someone who will last."
"Oh that's a good idea. I'm kinda getting tired of the whole guy thing though." 
"Yeah me too I guess" I told her. I sighed, leaned back on the couch and closed my eyes. Two seconds later I felt a presence on my lap. "What the...?" I stammered. "Carry what are you doing?" She unbuttoned my shirt, one at a time.

"Ever done it with a girl, Kayla?" I answered that I hadn't, and tried to push her off. I had had sex with plenty of guys, but had never dreamed of /lesbian/lesbian-sex/">lesbian sex. My shirt was unbuttoned now. 
"Oh my god your breasts are so freaking awesome," she gasped. Suddenly I felt a weird wetness on my lap. I looked and saw a strange liquid staining my pants, and it seemed to be coming blowjob porn videos from Carry's legs. 
"I'm not wearing /underwear/">underwear, sorry!" She said. "Come on let's just try it huh? I've never done this either but come on let's go!" I was surprised to feel wetness deep in my underwear. She pulled my bra off and began sucking my nipples.
"Oh my god!" I screamed. "Carry oh my god that feels great!" She sucked harder after hearing this, and began biting. The juices were beginning to flow down under. I couldn't believe I was doing this! She suddenly pulled off me. "Carry where are you going?" I asked. Then I saw. She ripped off her shirt, only for me to see nothing underneath. 

"Suck me Kayla!" She said, rather timidly. I leaned forward and began sucking her nipple. "Stand up," she said, and I obliged. I felt my zipper being undone. She let off my boob and yanked my pants down. "Take those undies off!" she said while pulling down her own pants. We stripped in unison, until we were both in our naked splendor. I went back to sucking her, and a couple seconds later I felt something shoved up my pussy. I looked down and saw her fingers pressed up there. It felt so good, but I yanked away.

"Here we go Carry!" I yelled, knocking her down to the couch. I yanked her legs apart and shoved my face in as far as I could as she screamed with pleasure. The yells echoed throughout the house. I somehow managed to go in even farther, and then there was an explosion in my face. Her cum splattered all over. I sudddenly had an idea, and leaned over to lick the rest off. After about 10 seconds, though, she pushed me away.

"Your turn!" she told me, as I realized I was extremely anxious to explode as she done. My pussy got wetter and wetter at the thought, but then she ran away into the kitchen.
"Carry what are you doing get back here and make me cum!" I yelled out to her. After a moment's delay, she came bounding back into the room, carrot in hand. 
"Hello carrottop, I mean carrotbottom" and she grabbed it tightly and shoved it up my pussy as far as it would go. Oh my god, I was being fucked by a carrot. She shoved it in and out, like a cock. It was smaller than some of the ones I've seen, and even though I was feeling fantastic I wanted something different than usual with guys, since I was with a girl. I asked her to stop and to do what I say. She pulled it out, and I plopped on the couch. 

"Slowly finger me with one finger." I said. The feeling was enourmous, but I was aching to burst. "Now speed it up! And shove as many fingers in there as you can. I felt her whole hand in there then! And OH MY GOD BY PUSSY STRETCHED AND THE PAIN WAS EXCRUCITAING BUT THE PLEASURE!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed at the top of my lungs and then told her to stop, split seconds before my cum.

"Now wait a minute." I sat there waiting, my pussy aching to cum oh my god this was going to be the biggest ever! "Now I'm gonna fuck you again. I jumped up and tongue fucked her, again. 
"YES KAYLA YES DO ME DO ME DO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!" and she burst into another loud orgasm! But I didn't stop I kept slithering my tongue around and around her clit, and there was another! Then I finally leaned back, and I was about to cry if I didn't orgasm soon.

"Carry." I said. "FUCK ME INTO OBLIVION!" She then slowly rotated her tongue on my clit. "No don't do this make me cum now!" But she preffered making me wait. I burst into tears, and right on cue she was fast and furious. I went into a crescendo and then burst. She sucked up my cum, and then pulled away. She grabbed the carrot and fucked me from the other, larger end. It felt so /bad/">bad and good at the same time! Another wave washed over me and I collapsed. She jumped on top of me and shoved her pussy in my face. "One more" she pleaded.

So I did her again, but halfheartedly. This was unbelieveable she burst again! And then I felt this wetness in my legs and sighed. I looked into her eyes and said "Double the pain and pleasure."
"Okay be right back!" She ran off, she knew my house well so I was fine with it. I closed my eyes, anxiuous for one last orgasm. Then a towel covered my face. 
"WTF!" I said. 

"Spread the legs," she commanded, and I definitely did so. Then there was the most pain I had ever felt. This GIGANTIC OBJECT was being shoved up me and I yelled again and again, until climaxing. She took the towel off, and I looked over. Soaking wet in her hand was a baseball bat. I fainted, not believeing that was in me. I woke up with her cuddled on top of me, and fell back asleep.
I was woken up by screaming. I jerked my eyes open and looked over to the door, right in my mother's face. I then knew that this was a turning point in milf porn videos my life. I was /scared/">scared of the punishment, when my /mom/">mom said something unexpected.

"Why couldn't your father and I join?" She asked. I fainted again, and woke up in bed in the middle of the night. I laid there for a moment, realizing that I was now an official lesbian.