Sex in the storm

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Sex in the storm

We have talked to eachother for almost a year now. We decide to meet in person, so we can get to know eachother even better. You wake up to a sunny warm day, beams of light drifting through your window, and little glimmers of dust reflecting like gold. You change, and go downstairs for breakfast, and you notice the house is empty. Later that afternoon my cab pulls up to the driveway, and I run out to greet you. We run up to eachother and hug, and you invite me in. I grab my bags, and come in the front door. I place my jacket and bags to the side, and walk to the livingroom.

We decide to watch TV. We xxx sex video download free com are in the middle of a comedy when the power goes out, and the lights turn off. I decide to check the breakers, and find there is nothing wrong. I go to look for a flashlight, and I find candles, matches and a small radio. I sit back down beside you and we turn on the radio. There is a news flash that says there is a large storm coming, and everyone is advised to stay inside until further notice.

Just as we turn the radio off the wind picks up, slamming open the door and sending a chill through our bones. I run to close the door, and see that the wind has blown over a tree,, making it impossible for help to get through the driveway. I sit back down, and /scared/">scared you put a hand on my lap, inadvertently touching my penis. We try to say something to cover up, and I decide to go upstairs and set candles up in your room, and the guest room that I will sleep in. After finishing the candles, I say that it is bright enough in your room, and if you need anything just call me. I to to make sure the door is locked, when I hear a thump upstairs. I run up to your room calling your name, and upon hearing no responseci decide to open the door. I see you standing in the candlelight, starting to undress. I know I should look away, but cant. You take off your shirt, and your smooth skin glows in the candlelight.

I am about to leave when a floorboard creaks, and you turn around. I decide to walk in saying I was checking if you need any more candles. You dont make any effort to hide yourself, and I wonder why. As I go to re-light sexxxx video ful hd a candle I feel your hand on my shoulder, you turn me around and pull me closer, as your breasts press against me. I slowly run my hand down your back, and we kiss. We start walking towards the bed, and you take my shirt off, running your hands down my chest, and undo my belt. You kay down on the bed, as I slip out of my pants and crawl up on top of you. We kiss, and your hands hold my back, as I unbutton your jeans. I slide them off, caressing your legs with my hands. I kiss my way up to your knee, and slowly run my nose up along the inside of your thigh. I kiss above your panties, and IDE one hand inside, rubbing my fingers in and along your vagina. You moan and shiver, rubbing your legs together. I slide my hands along your firm buttocks, and slide your panties off.

 I kiss your vagina, and run my toungue up your stomach, as I ron my hands up your sides. I kiss your breasts, and kiss your nipples. I kiss my way up from your cleanabe up the side of your neck, along the side of your chin and kiss your lips. I rub my penis on your vagina, as my toungue goes into your mouth, grabbing your ump smooth breasts with my hands. You slide your hand down, and pull my penis out. I teas your vagina with the head, lightly going up and down until you start to get wet. I ask if you are ready, and you say yes. I slowly push my penis into your vagina, halfway, and then all the way. You moan, clutching my back and start to come. I pull my penis put, and plunge it back in, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, pushing harder and going faster each time, in and out, harder, and faster and harder and faster in and out and you scream with pleasure! As I become ready to ejaculate my penis starts to throb, rubbing the sides of your vagina, we thrust tour hips together and as u ejaculate, my penis throbs to twice its size, pumping harder that it has before and you feel the flow of hot /semen/">semen invade your vagina.

You moan and shake, and my hips thrust rapidly, so hard you can barely take it! I roll off of you, laying down beside you, and kiss you on the cheeck. Your legs are ribbing together and semen is dripping out of your vagina, and your come down the shaft of my penis. We lay there for what seems like hours, both exaughsted. I look over and see your heaving sweaty breasts, and know you have been satisfied. I decide to get changed and make you some breakfast, as the storm rages outside. We still remember that storm, and what happened that night to this day, and both eagerly await my visit next year.